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Welcome to Manhattan Wellness Psychiatry

" Where you are not just a patient but a unique individual with distinctive needs."

A perfect sync in the mind, body, and soul is needed for a balanced and healthy lifestyle and that is what we strive to look for and achieve during evaluation, psychiatric assessment, and treatment of our patients.

More about Dr. Nidhi Goel

She is a dual board-certified physician and specializes in Adult and Geriatric Psychiatry.

Her experience in a busy academic center (Maimonides Medical Center) as a Director of Geriatric Psychiatry and Attending Physician in an inpatient unit has given her expertise in treating varied aspects of mental illnesses over the last few years.

"I teach and supervise resident doctors and medical students and it forces me to stay informed with the latest biological and therapeutic treatments for psychiatric illnesses. I have a unique opportunity of supervising and training Geriatric Medicine fellows which gives me an edge in treating mental illnesses with co-morbid medical illnesses. This gives me the ability to help consider and diagnose a possibility of medical cause responsible for presenting psychiatric symptoms, thereby ensuring comprehensive and accurate treatment." - Nidhi Goel, MD on being questioned about her core strengths and area of expertise in the world of Psychiatry.

She also adds - "a comprehensive assessment is required to see how the biological, psychological, and social issues in someone’s past and present are interacting and contributing in the presentation of psychiatric symptoms and once a diagnosis is established then only a tailored treatment plan is developed to provide psychopharmacological treatment and brief psychotherapy if needed to alleviate these symptoms."

Dr. Goel specializes in Adult and Elderly Depression and Anxiety Disorders, Cognitive Issues, Mood disorders including Bipolar disorder and Psychotic spectrum disorders. She has an interest in OCD and Hoarding disorders too. She has done extensive research and presentations on this topic and has been nationally recognized and awarded.

She is also an expert in diagnosing and treating various forms of Dementias and Neurocognitive disorders and provides guidance and support to family members or caretakers of the patient suffering from Dementias and or End of Life issues.


She is one of the well-known compassionate and knowledgeable health care providers in New York City both among her patients and the Psychiatrist society of USA.



         ABPN Board Certified in General Adult Psychiatry and Neurology

         ABPN Board Certified in Geriatric Psychiatry

         Fellowship in Electro Convulsive therapy


  Assistant Professor at St. George's University

 Assistant Professor at New York College of Osteopathic Medicine (NYCOM)

    Manhattan Psychiatric Center, Maimonides Medical Center

Assistant Professor at Albert Einstein School of Medicine


        Psychiatry Residency: MetroHealth Medical Center, CaseWestern Reserve University

        Psychiatry Residency: Beth Israel Medical Center, Albert Einstein Medical College

        Geriatric Psychiatry Fellowship:  Beth Israel Medical Center, Yeshiva University

        ECT fellowship: Columbia University and Presbyterian Hospital


 to practice in New York

Our Offerings

Comprehensive evaluation of mental illnesses and tailored treatment to your unique situation.

Our Mission

To provide the timely and accurate intervention to aleviate the suffering brought in by mental disorders and to restore the quality of life for a more stressfree happy living.

Nidhi Goel, MD
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